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4. | Jan 7, 2018
5. | Jul 7, 2013
MOMMY FYKES - This was worth waiting for!! I had the pslueare of being there while the photo's were being taken and I must say, Heidi has mega patience! She took her time and it really shows. Of course, I am a little partial because I am the proud grandmother of little baby Elijah. I would reccomend any new mommie to go to Heidi for the first photo's of their newborns. She does excellent work and makes you feel comfortable too.
6. | Jul 5, 2013
I have not seen a hat-trick has been the best mug shot. It is not just a show-off, an annual book on the photo below it looks like they might be Giants lciyrs
7. | May 21, 2013
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8. | May 21, 2013
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9. | May 20, 2013
Of course I awesernd your nonsense bermiefluff. First I told you to stop thinking like a phony-British socialist and try to understand the basics of investing in a competitive environment, as in the case of major NCAA sports. I laid-out for you the positive progression of the 3-year ROI on 8/26 above feel free to take another go at it mate. As for RU football never winning anything gee, just a modicum of Google searching easily makes a mockery of that witless remark of yours: (ii) 2 Bowl wins in last 3 years (ii) top APR football rankings, and (iii) while 2010 was not a winning season, 2011 RU football recruiting ranked among the best in conference. And the Mike Rice investment has taken RU hoops out of the BE cellar in his first year, and very easily could’ve won two games in the BE tourney if the refs didn’t blow the SJU game, which in turn would have put the team right on NIT bubble. It’s about time you get your head out of the sand.As for the Bloomberg dweebs trying to write a sports story, it’s obvious they should stick to their financial reporting where they do a good job quoting the real pros in the business, but look foolish in their own editorials. How idiotic to compare RU’s 3-year investment in big-time sports to the 5 or 6 decades of investments made down at Univ of Texas—that doesn’t even pass the laugh test. And heaven forbid the left-leaning big government-loving Bloomie organization take NJ politicians to task for all the cutbacks to state higher education spending at the expense of all the corruption and misspending, double and triple-dipping politician pensions, etc. etc. etc. Or what if Booberg writers had the guts to take on the bloated college administrations like the Wall Street Journal has? Come on, that article has already been proven to be useless. No one outside of Trenton takes its premise even half-seriously, and those corrupt politicians will only care if they can use the trash to divert more money out of the state university to their pet projects and line their own pockets. Man bermiefluff, your bizarre pathological hatred for RU really makes you sound ridiculously uninformed despite your use of the British thesaurus.
10. | May 18, 2013
Phonmeenal breakdown of the topic, you should write for me too!